Indoor Air Pollution - Casinos

Could you possibly be gambling with more than just money?

Millions of people around the world visit casinos to test their luck against the hands of fate. A casino can attract a variety of people and who can blame them? The way casinos are built and set up with all their colors, lights, and games; it's hard not to give your luck a try.

One thing all of these people have in common, but don't realize when they walking into a casino is that their increasing the risk of getting secondhand smoke from another person. Yes, gambling can be exciting, but is it worth it when your life could be on the line instead of money? You may think that casinos would have a solution to this problem, but not many people know that the ventilation in a casino does not protect worker from secondhand smoke and this goes for non-employees as well.

Some could walk out winners and some could walk out with nothing at all

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