Why Naturalize???

Naturalization of urban landscapes can be beneficial to many aspects of life, not only to a sustainable environment but also to those personally involved in the process. This is essentially the easiest thing you could possibly do to make a smaller footprint on the environment.

1) Saves money from your pocket
- You no longer have to pay for gas to mow your lawn or maintenance to groom your property.
-By planting a few native species and letting them thrive you would also save maintenance work on any watershed or drainage systems.

2) Quality of living
-After a while of leaving your property be, it will mature and become much more aesthetically beautiful.
-More shade and green spaces to enjoy
-Increased mental health (de-stress)
-Sounds of nature that come with it

3) Save the environment
-Wildlife will be able to live alongside you
-Better oxygen levels
-Prevents landscape degredation

Basically the only thing you are missing out on is the hard work that comes with maintaining a kept yard...

Heres a nifty link with more info: http://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/environmental_stewardship/naturalization.aspx