Utilize empty spaces in cities!

Urban Naturalization improves the aesthetics of concrete cities, and makes its citizens healthier and happier! All large cities are home to low-income areas, and with low-income areas come vacant lots, and abandoned buildings. One way to improve upon these vacancies would be to convert them into green spaces. Green spaces are also correlated with a higher income areas, and can help to improve property value! Major cities including Los Angeles, Denver, and Miami are campaigning to convert vacant lots into green spaces, as it will ultimately increase the economic value of these neighborhoods, while making its citizens happy.

West Baltimore Community Garden, sourced from WestBaltimoreSquares.org

Portland Community Gardens is set on converting previously unused spaces into green spaces! Members of the community can rent plots in these spaces and start to garden as soon as one is available! It is vital that more green spaces are implemented throughout cities and urban areas, as they do provide an economic boost, as well as many health benefits. Green spaces also have the ability to bring a previously unconnected community together, and has the potential to make low-income areas thrive once more! Many believe that green spaces are the key to rescuing nearly-lost communities. 

Buckman Community Garden, sourced from SeedStock.com