Urban Naturalization: cooling your city summers down!

Urban Naturalization:

The importance of naturalizing our city landscapes is a real thing! Naturalization improves human health (physically and psychologically) and quality of life. Plus, it livens up the city. Beautiful architecture can be improved with rooftop buildings and central atriums. Neighborhoods dominated by commercial storefronts and densely populated housing can be improved with publicly accessible courtyards, and community gardens. It looks better, and feels better! Once-vacant lots can become a biologically-diverse mini-jungle! Urban Naturalization greatly helps with air-quality and has the potential to educate and inspire a community. 

Sourced from NW Portland Hostel
This summer, as of yet, is a hot one. City-dwellers are looking for ways to beat the heat in an inexpensive way! Concrete is a dull, boring, hot, hard, surface that overruns cities! During a heatwave, it’s important to acknowledge that Urban Naturalization can help improve climate conditions in immediate areas, while providing an aesthetically pleasing landscape to gaze upon. Naturalized areas have the potential to reduce heat, as they provide shade. They also keep the air flowing, and prevent concentrations of heat being trapped in the pavement. This is just one of the benefits Urban Naturalization can have upon a community, and it effects you directly!

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