Sustainability in Business

Businesses nowadays find many opportunities to grow and change their processes to meet the needs of their customers. Recently, with the boom in conservation efforts throughout the US, businesses are looking for ways in which they can become more sustainable but also save time and money in the process. GoGreen Portland is a conference that is being held to achieve this very goal.

This year, their conference will be taking place on October 6th with a focus on collaboration between businesses both large and small in an effort to preserve our planet. This year they are featuring Kate Brown, the governor of Oregon, as one of their keynote speakers.

The goal of the GoGreen conference is to enable businesses through keynote speeches, workshops, open collaboration, and lab times to be able to grow their interconnectedness with one another. This creates an outward motivation for companies to change when companies such as Nike or Columbia are on the list of attendees.

If you or someone you know owns a business, please refer them to the GoGreen Portland conference. It will not only get them plugged in with some of the largest and most sustainable local companies, but they will also be contributing to saving our planet from waste and pollution.