Still Not A Believer? Time To Change That!

Reading through just a few EcoMerge posts makes it clear that Urban Naturalization is important to us and should be important to you too! Research shows it could even help your mental health:

It is not just about making a space look better but taking care of the Earth so we can keep living here for many generations to come, taking back space and revitalizing them so we can enjoy what the Earth has. Doing this takes time and communities that come together with willingness to make a change. This may mean changing your perspective on the importance of issues like this or that of your peers. It could also mean taking the initiative to start a movement in your own community, taking over a piece of land and creating a green space that restores native plant species to the area while creating a sustainable space. If you love nature, its up to you to protect it and bring it back to the space it should reside. Here a few places who have done just this!

"Natural, efficient and unique: the BIQ is setting new standards as the first building in the world to have a bioreactor fa├žade. Microalgae are cultivated in the glass elements that make up its “bio skin”. These are used to produce energy, and can also control light and provide shade. Inside, an innovative living concept is aimed at ensuring maximum design versatility for everyday life, and gives us a glimpse into urban life in the future." (IBA - Hamburg)

At the end of the day, it is hard to disagree that urban naturalization and green spaces in cities benefit all who come across it. Cities like New York have seen the benefits of this by how it has impacted not only the happiness of the communities members but even the economic value that comes with it. When a green space exists in a city, people want to live there and have a place that is different than the urban jungle that they are constantly in. An example of this refuge is Central Park in New York City and the NYC Highline:

I hope that after spending time learning about Urban Naturalization and the movement that has started, you will consider making this a part of your life. You won't regret it and generations to come will be glad you did!