Indoor Gardening

As a follow up to my post on how to contribute to Urban Naturalization if you live in an apartment or someplace with little yard, I wanted to make a post about indoor gardening.

I came across an interesting video of a woman turning one of her NYC apartment walls into a living wall. There are many such interesting videos on Youtube if you search "indoor gardening". The same benefits that plants and trees provide to the outdoor environment can be experienced indoors as well. Visit our website to find out more!

These plants are grown as aquaponics, using not dirt. Instead the plants get their nutrients from  enriched water. Interestingly, aquaponics can be used to grow food as well, even indoors! A company called WindowFarms has evolved over the past few years from a group of innovators looking to creatively use indoor space to grow food. They have created a simple system that people can set up and use to grow their own food in front of their windows at home.