How to Start Your First Garden

   When it comes to helping the environment out, one thing that anyone can do is learn how to become a little more self sustainable. You don't have to drop thousands of dollars in order to remove yourself entirely from the grid; even something as simple as supplementing food from a personal or community garden can help lessen the strain our economy puts on our country to feed 225 million people.
     The people over at the "Food is Free Project" have taken an initiative to try and educate people towards this cause. By following some of their guides and videos you could be up and running with an eco friendly garden in no time.

Food is Free Presents: How to build a Wicking  Bed Garden
     This simple design makes it nearly impossible to over water your garden and destroy plant life, and is relatively inexpensive as the majority of the components can be constructed from salvaged materials.

     You should definitely head over to their site and learn more about their mission to teach people about self sustainability by growing food independently the easy way. As I mentioned before, this is a really easy way to get involved with naturalization, leading a healthy life and contributing to a healthy world.