Environmental Wellness: Plants Saving Our Planet

Trees must be looked at for the benefits they have on their surroundings. They transform carbon dioxide into oxygen that our Earths inhabitants can thrive on. A study by Coloradotree.org shows that over 800 million tons of carbon are absorbed by urban forests and transformed into oxygen that helps sustain the well being of city residents.

Additional benefits of urban naturalization is reduced ozone levels, decreased urban runoff, and combatting the “Heat Island” effect. The EPA goes into detail on this issue and how urban naturalization counteracts its effect on our environment. You can see how your area is being effected by the “Heat Island” effect here

Urban naturalization saves energy by decreasing A/C use, electricity, and gas consumption within the city. Each city can be viewed as a microclimate that is specifically effected by its energy consumption and the trees that SAVE IT. Green roofs can be a great method for reducing the Heat Island effects. The video below goes into detail on the issue. You can contribute to the Green Roof cause here.