Earthships: A New Generation in Sustainable Living

     What is an Earthship and why should I care? A long answer made short -- they are 100% self sustainable homes that generate power, food, water, can heat and cool for free and are made entirely of recycled materials.  I know I said short, but these incredible homes do a lot for their inhabitants and can help people survive in some of the most treacherous conditions on the planet. From sub-zero arctics to blistering deserts. See for yourself in these two videos below:

Earthships 101 part 1

Earthships 101 part 2

     These homes offer solutions to dwindling water and power, garbage and the high cost of living. While they may not be entirely practical to for an already established urban environment, it really makes you wonder what can be done in our current homes to emulate some of the technologies these Earthships employ. 

     For more information, check out their other videos on their youtube channel and their website.

Earthship Biotecture Youtube Channel