City's Ranking in Urban Naturalization

There are hundreds of cities in the United States and around the world and many of these cities are beginning to see the benefits of urban naturalization and city beautification. Many city officials are changing policies to help improve the lifestyle and the cityscape to become more beautiful, less wasteful, and have cleaner air. These changes, while important, sometimes take a while to complete, and some cities might not see the benefits right away of including green spaces in their cities. What I wanted to do, was figure out where some cities stack in the grand scheme of things and find out what is being done to improve lifestyles around the globe. I found a website that stacks and grades cities on the green improvements they have made in city living. Take a look here, and see what I am talking about. (Go Portland!) Portland, Oregon has one of the largest wooded area inside the city limits in the United States. I thought this was something very promising in Portland’s quest to be green.

There is a lot that can be changed in the urban landscape, and this is something you could become a part of. Cities can always use volunteers to improve landscapes and build mini-parks, gardens and other naturalized locations. This is a great time to share another website we completed this term. Click here to visit the website we’ve been working on all term and see other things you can do to become a part of a city’s future.