Bill Nye - Climate Change

When I was growing up, Bill Nye was my favorite source of information about how the world worked. Science was never something I was particularly interested in, but he always had a way of making it fun. However, as I grew up and learned more about the world through my own eyes, my education through programmed television became less and less -- ultimately leading me to forget about one of my childhood hero's. So it was quite surprising to me when I saw this video released about climate change.

He really lays is out simply:

  • Climate change is happening 10,000 times faster than it has in the past.
When you think about it, it makes sense that change would be happening so quickly when we have over 7 billion people to account for. It makes you wonder how soon we will hit a point of no return? When climate change happens so quickly that nothing will be able to adapt and survive?

This is another reason why urban naturalization is so important. Not only can it affect us directly in the small picture of improving our local environments and cities, but taking action will also help change the big picture as well. Every effort counts. 

I give props to Nye for realizing that he can still make a difference in this matter through the avenue he's always had a niche in -- Film. Kickstarter has provided him with an outlet to reach thousands of people he influenced over his career. People just like me who are concerned about where our world is heading. As of this posting, his campaign to create a documentary to change the world is fully funded and is currently the most successfully funded kickstarter documentary. 

There is just shy of 3 days left to continue raising funds, and if you are interested in seeing what else this project is all about, head over to his page and check it out: