Restoring the Earth's Environment

It’s crazy to think of the impact humans have had on our Earth.  Along with natural climate change, human use of fossil fuels, and cutting down forests the earth is in trouble. Over the past few decades the Earth has seen the warmest temperatures in its history.  PeaceJam is an organization that has taken notice of these alarming numbers and is trying to slow it down. 

PeaceJam’s goal is to educate the public on the seriousness of global warming by inspiring others and getting them to act.  One way this is done is by restoring the Earth’s environment. According to PeaceJam, “It is not too late to do something about global warming, if the world will act now. We must change our individual behaviors and the behavior of society at large. We must demand the development of new sources of energy and a giant reduction or even a complete end to the use of fossil fuels.” 

Once the Earth’s environment is destroyed there is no turning back. Restoring the environment does not need to be such a difficult task.  If we work together at all levels we can start to make the change that ensure the Earth’s sustainability.  

If you would like to learn more about PeaceJam and their goals about restoring the environment, check out their webpage at With your help we can help our global environment one tree at a time.