Reconnecting with Nature in South Africa: Greenpop’s “Treevolution”

People living in cities all over the world have begun to lose touch with the concept that it is the earth that provides for us and sustains us. We live in environments built by humans, for humans. Amidst the demands of the urban world, many of us have forgotten how important it is to maintain a connection with nature.

When westerners think of Africa, we imagine desert expanses, lush jungle environments, and untamed natural beauty. While much of the continent is still largely untouched, there exist urban areas in desperate need of a restoration of tree and plant life, and a rekindled connection to the natural world. This is particularly true in poor, densely-populated areas surrounding larger metropolitan cities. Below is an example from an area outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.

An under-greened township outside of Johannesburg
Many have begun to recognize the need for urban naturalization in these areas, and are doing something about it. Greenpop (headquartered in Cape Town) has started what they call a “Treevolution,” aimed at reviving these communities through planting and caring for trees and other native plant life.

Greenpop recognizes that there is a disparity between “leafy, privileged areas and barren, under-privileged areas” and have made a commitment to take action to restore a culture of planting trees in under-greened areas to provide environmental and social change.

They are dedicated to planting indigenous and fruit trees at schools in urban, under-greened areas and taking action toward reforestation in more rural areas, to benefit local communities and communities around the world.

Volunteers and students celebrate after planting trees at a school in Cape Town.
Greenpop is making a difference – and you can help! They provide opportunities to gift trees to the cause or intern or volunteer in South African and/or Zambian communities. Get involved, and help to make a difference!

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