Nurture your Nature

Urban Naturalization utilizes native plant species as a way of restoring and maintaining natural landscapes within an area. A key difference between landscaping and urban naturalization is that once the native species are implemented into the landscape, then it takes relatively low maintenance and perpetually renews the landscape in a healthy way that benefits the city. The surrounding ecosystem benefits from urban naturalization by giving eco-life a base to thrive and expand from.      
Additional benefits of urban naturalization are pedestrian recreation, aesthetic appeal of landscapes, and crime prevention by the increased use of the urban landscape. Surrounding economic establishments can benefit from urban naturalization through its increased quality of life on the surrounding area. Landscape users of the naturalized sites are additionally educated on the benefits of natural restoration and help foster a stronger sense of community among the area. Groups against urban naturalization are primarily residential and commercial construction companies that insist on taking over natural space for their own profit and motives. Local groups such as “Friends of Trees” and “SOLVE Oregon” help decrease invasive plants and promote environmental sustainability within Portland. The following video gives a glimpse of the impact that SOLVE has had on Portland.

SOLVE is a state-wide non-profit organization that serves our city by maintaining, cleaning, and restoring 1000's of sites within the Pacific Northwest. With over 35,000 committed volunteers, they have built a legacy of stewardship that brings together Oregonians and improves the environment. Planting Progress through our People!