More About Trees & Cities!


As you have seen in an earlier post, trees are an important part of the urban environment. In fact, trees are one reason why the air we breathe is clear, especially in some cities. Imagine yourself going down city streets wondering why the air is so smoggy and bad. Then imagine yourself going down a city street that is mostly crisp and clear air (Now, that could have been because of a nice rain – but rain? In Oregon or better yet the Northwest? Please… when does that happen). You can guess which one likely has more trees.

 One group that is trying to create this change in cities to create better conditions is the American Forests group. This group not only works with forests, but also works in the urban environment to create a better environmentally naturalized city. This nonprofit organization is trying to increase trees in many cities in the United States. Oh, and Oregon lovers, we are on their site! They mentioned that Portland is trying to increase its tree canopy by planting 83,000 trees! Check them out, donate, help out, there are many ways you can get involved to make the cities you live in a better place.