Plastic in our Oceans - AN INFOGRAPHIC JOURNEY

It is no mystery that the face of our planet has been changed by humankind.  Skyscrapers stand in place of great forests, hotels and beach resorts sit where rich coastal reefs once thrived, and endless miles of asphalt have replaced historical migration paths for animals.  But these great changes, which we have placed upon this earth were made with purpose and control (at least for the most part).  They are also changes we are confronted with everyday. We can see them as we commute to work in our cars, or walk down the sidewalks on our way to school. We recognize their impact and their magnitude.  Wether this makes us feel better or more aware of the changes that are being made, I am not sure, but there are changes happening to our planet which we do not see.

These changes are happening in our landfills and our oceans. Much of this is not something we would see during our daily commutes. Even the landfills are place in a "out of sight, out of mind" sort of way (in developed countries that is).  But who is the culprit here? Is it just garbage? Litter? Let's just say it's a bit of both, but the real issue is the contents. PLASTIC.  Plastic is ending up in our "cradle to grave" stream of waste management.  We largely dispose of plastic in a manner consistent with any other litter. It is destined for landfills with the principle of simple containment. But since plastic is not biodegradable it will just break down into smaller pieces and make its way into the water course, and eventually into our oceans. The impacts of plastic in our oceans have become catastrophic. A great debate over plastic waste in our oceans is: Who should be held accountable? That is the case with the GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH (GPGP).

The fact is that this is a global issue. We should all feel accountable and willing to at least make changes to our daily lives in order to prevent further damages.

This INFOGRAPHIC brought to you by CustomMade "illustrates" just how severe these changes and impacts to our planet have become in the last decade.  In the last ten years alone, we have produced more plastic than we did in the whole of the last century.

Please follow the links at the bottom for more information.  And remember don't litter, and always recycle.

Spiraling Out of Control: Plastic Buildup in Our Oceans

Spiraling Out of Control: Plastic Buildup in Our Oceans
Infographic by CustomMade