Innovative ways to implement recycling

Everyone knows that recycling is necessary, and needs to be adapted in a wide spread matter. However large amounts of people have a hard time taking that initial step and inserting the habit into the fabric of their life. Thus asking the question, How can we get more people to make recycling a regular actuality in their life ? Subway stations in Beijing, China are testing out a new method of payment to encourage passengers to recycle. These subway stations have plastic bottle recycling stations that let passengers recycling their bottles into the machine for credit on the subway fare account. This innovative idea seems to be a big hit and makes steps in the right direction to get the mass public to start realizing the impact of recycling and getting the habit into their lives. While the ultimate success of the program and its effects haven't been fulling analyzed it is a great move to great people to start recycling in new ways while cutting city recycling costs.