Incredible Use of Plastic

While generally plastic products are thought of as products that should be avoided and have large negative effects , the potential of this material is ever-growing. Plastics can be molded and engineered to fit almost any demand. The more we find uses and needs for a clean, strong, and lightweight material, the more plastic starts to seem like a incredible answer when used correctly. A good example of this is the potential for this material to be used all through out the medical field.

Recently, A women's life was saved when plastic was used to 3-D print a custom skull replacement. The patient, suffered from a condition where her skull was growing excess bone that slowly applied pressure to her brain. Overtime this would lead to an immense amount of pressure that eventually would have been fatal. Luckily with todays growing technology. Doctors were able to custom map a replacement piece, that would replace this part of her skull. Plastic is this case was used because of tis material properties and its ability to adaptive to its needs. The operation was a success and begins to highlight the huge potential we have in the medical field. This case is a perfect example of the potential plastic has on our lives and ways to use the material in a way most have not thought of. 

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