A Lawn Made from Plastic Bottles

Keeping up with the Joneses can be tough. A perfectly manicured, lush green lawn is the iconic statement of a well-kept home. Now, it's easier than ever and also helps reduce plastic waste!

SYNLawn, a company dedicated to providing the most natural looking fake lawns, recently partnered with the Grand Teton National Park to incorporate plastic bottles into their manufacturing process. Now deemed "The PET Park Project", Grand Teton National Park, Universal Textile Technologies (UTT), Teton County Solid Waste and Recycling, CPE Inc, and The United Soybean Board have all joined the team to help reduce the amount of plastic bottles that heads to the landfill.

"Americans generate an enormous amount of waste material every day. In the Grand Teton National Park, millions of visitors are educated on the positive aspects of recycling, including plastic bottles. This new partnership, called the PET Park Project, promotes the reuse of discarded plastic bottles, significantly reduces the amount of bottles that go to the landfill, and helps the park meet their recycling goals." - SYNLawn

The partnership will help increase the demand for recycled content in American-made Products. Americans can now purchase lawns that containing recycled content from Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. The company aims to increase the current average of two out of every 10 bottles getting recycled, and they believe that this project will certainly help.

To purchase a lush, green lawn that requires no maintenance and helps reduce the amount of plastic bottles heading to landfills, contact SYNLawn at www.SYNLawn.com

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