What would Europe do?

It is always interesting and also valuable to learn what other countries are doing about popular issues. I have always thought that European Union is pretty tough on environmental laws and I think they also have a good track record when it comes to environmental issues. This year they introduced a new bill on reducing use of plastic bags. It was voted on and approved by 28 EU member states that by 2025, the use of flimsy, single use plastic bags would be reduced by 80%. The states are given a choice on how to approach it. For example, they can add a tax to flimsy bags that are dangerous for the environment. You can read more about it here and here.
From personal experience, I know that one of the EU countries, called Estonia, has been charging customers at the grocery stores for plastic bags for a long time. However, this only happens at the grocery stores and not anywhere else. It made me wonder if that would work here in the US or would it be considered restriction of freedom. Either way, I think that if all 28 states in the EU are making an effort to change something then it could have a really good outcome, because everybody is working together to achieve a goal that helps everyone.