We've all heard stories of ways plastics are "good" or "bad" for us. It's time to get to the truth behind some of those myths we see all over the web!

Myth #1: Women should not drink water from water bottles left in hot cars because it increases the chance for breast cancer and those water bottles contain DEHA (diethylhexyl adipate) which is a carcinogen.  

According to the American Cancer Society, this myth comes from the thesis of a college student. The International Agency for Research on Cancer states that DEHA "is not classifiable as to it's carcinogenicity to humans"

Myth #2: Only plastics marked 1 or 2 on the bottom (in the little triangle) are recyclable. 

While #1 plastics (PETE) and #2 (HDPE) are the most commonly accepted forms of plastics for programs like curbside recycling, it is because they provide the highest collection value. It doe snot mean that other plastics are not recyclable.

Myth #3: Heating plastic in the microwave or freezing water in plastic water bottles releases toxins.

The FDA does state that substances used in plastics can leach out into foods but they have found that those levels are well within the margin of safety based on the information available to the agency.

It's easy to believe things we see and read online. Just remember to do your research and now the facts. Knowledge is power!