Cut Plastic Out of Your Life!

When we think of plastic, we sometimes tend to wonder how we ever lived without it. Plastic can be found in pretty much anything we use nowadays. As more and more products are made from this material that is slowly polluting our environment, there are ways we can help! In fact, in the U.S., we go through 1,500 plastic water bottles every second, and it takes around 100 years for these bottles to break down ( 

There are numerous ways we can cut plastic out of our lives, but here are just a few that are easy for anyone to do:

1. Instead of using plastic produce bags, store produce in paper towels instead. Paper towels can be dried and reused as well! You can also use reusable produce bags.

2. Eliminate micro-bead cleansers in your home. Micro-beads end up in the water of our marine life.

3. Instead of carrying a bunch of different household cleaners in your home, replace them with one multi-purpose natural alternative instead! Vinegar and essential oils are great options.

4. Bring reusable grocery bags to the supermarket, to eliminate all the plastic bags you'd be bringing home instead.

While eliminating plastic in our lives completely may seem out of reach, we can all start with a few smaller things like these to make a difference.