Creative things to do with plastic bottles

It is no secret that our society has become somewhat dependent on using plastics. We use plastic continually in our everyday lives, from cell phones to car parts to dog toys to cooking utensils, plastics are a constant part of our lives. So since we can't seem to escape using it, and it's not a bad thing or a crime to use plastic, what should we do with it once we're done? There's plenty of helpful tips and tricks about how to recycle, the consequences of not recycling, and the great causes that recycling contributes to, but how about the most basic part of recycling, what can be recycled and how can it be recycled. Let's start with the basics, plastics. We can break it down even farther, different kinds of plastics. I believe that I might confuse you if I get too technical so here is a link that gives a really good breakdown of different types of plastics and how they are used.
Since it seems like the most common use of plastic, let's talk about water bottles and how to recycle them. There is the obvious way, placing them in the blue recycling bins as pictured above. These bins are becoming increasingly more popular as recycling becomes an issue being placed in the spotlight of society. However if you're feeling crafty, or particularly interested in DIY or reusing your bottles, I've found you a couple of links that offer you a few fun and creative suggestions as to what to do with your bottles when you're done with them. 

I've also found a YouTube Channel that focuses specifically on crafts that can be done with recycled bottles including a dress, recycled arts and crafts, and teapots all made from recycled plastic bottles. all of the ideas are exciting and creative, and can be done just by following the steps and directions on the videos!