Omega-3 Alternatives

Omega-3 is highly essential for the development and healthy function of the human brain. While important for adults, it is imperative for children’s brain development. While sea food is part of a normal balanced diet, mercury isn’t. Mercury is found in various levels in different types of fish, and consumption can be limited by portion sizing. See our website’s page on Portion Sizing for more information.
A common misconception is that Omega-3 is only found in fish and other sea food items. This is incorrect. There are many non-fish, and even some vegetarian options to consume a good amount of Omega-3 for healthy brain development and function. Some of those options are as follows: walnuts, olive oil, flax seeds, vegetarian Omega-3 supplements, and some grass fed meats and eggs (fortified). Consulting with your physician is important to choose the best option for your individual (and family) health.


Tessa Schwass