MercuryTox Website

We have spent the last several weeks sharing our findings, insights and concerns about the toxic levels of mercury in fish. We’ve covered mercury as an element, mercury as an organic unit, and how mercury effects our bodies. We have also shared ways to prevent further mercury pollution of our air, water systems, food sources, and our own bodies. Included in the recent posts are resources to take a stand, and resources with information available to assist us in making changes in our own lives.

Finally, we have also completed our website, available 24/7, with information about mercury, the cycle of mercury on the Earth, and solutions to protect yourself, your family and friends, and the planet from continued careless contamination.

The website also provides information about correct portion sizing and gives resources for selecting the appropriate types of fish for your family.

Yes, we understand that mercury is a natural part of nature, but we have a responsibility to prevent the large scale, reckless spread of this hazardous element across the globe, and a responsibility to educate ourselves and others about the dangers we subject ourselves and our children to when we make contaminated seafood a part of our regular diet.

Please check out our website for more information.