How to get rid of the toxins

Mercury is seen as a silver colored liquid most often. It's been proven to be toxic to humans and animals over the years. It can greatly effect the nervous system, and often times results in serious conditions that will result in death. It enters the body through lungs and goes from there where it can be distributed throughout the entire body. These problems don’t occur immediately but through time exposure to toxins, it is definitely possible. There are several steps to take if there is a mercury spill:
  1. Isolate/evacuate the area that the spill has occurred.
  2. assemble and put together the supplies needed to clean up.
  3. pick up all the drops of mercury that are present.
  4. place mercury into a container that is plastic and unbreakable.
  5. check to make sure it is all cleaned up
  6. set aside everything you think may be contaminated
  7. ventilate
  8. do some medical testing.
  9. consider removing and reposing of carpet/other soft items that have been touched by mercury.