How Much Tuna is in Your Kids Lunch Every Week?

Do your kids like tuna sandwiches? If so, you may want to rethink how many times a week they have a tuna sandwich in their lunchbox. Consumer reports states that many children consume tuna sandwiches at lunch time because tuna is cheap, available at most grocery stores and liked by kids. Attention must also be payed to the school prepared lunches, as many school cafeteria's serve tuna as an option.

  • The recommendation for children 60 pounds and under is to only consume two ounces of canned albacore tuna per week. 
  • If you're wondering how much two ounces is, it is less than half of a five ounce can of tuna. 
  • The recommendation for canned light tuna for children 60 pounds or less is five ounces. 
  • So not that much more than the albacore tuna even though the albacore tuna has three times as much mercury in it then the light tuna.