Where do we see the toxins?

The toxins are everywhere without people noticing. We go through our everyday life not quite understanding that the toxins are all around us because we're so consumed by it, we don't even take time to notice it. We also don't try to find ways to eliminate the toxins because they're everywhere. Mercury toxins are a natural element that are passed through the air, soil, and water. They can obviously vary in the location that an individual may be in. In regards to water, this points to large masses of water. It's passed through water because of the fish that live there. The fish pass it along until it comes to land, which then it reaches individuals. The toxins are mainly in the fish or other animals that consume fish.

Too much consumption of these toxins can result in harm to the heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, and the immune system as a whole. It can also effect young children or babies in their bloodstream which will effect their nervous system negatively. The toxins can be found in many places. It's been seen to be most common in those who consume a large amount of fish.