Diagnosis Mercury Book Part One Of Two

This is the first blog of two that discuss the book “Diagnosis Mercury” by Jane Hightower.  The author is a doctor.  She begins the book discussing clients that are sick because of mercury sickness from eating too much high mercury fish.  She at first did not know what her clients were suffering from and is one of the only doctors noticing people suffering from mercury sickness.  She starts to discuss this sickness with others.  She starts to spread information about mercury sickness.  She speaks in front of other doctors and they show interest.

She discusses the history of mercury being used as a medicine.  One type of medicine containing mercury discussed is calomel.  She also writes about history of mercury used as a way to make money.  She gets invited to speak about mercury sickness at a conference discussing mercury sickness.  She gets her speech mentioned in the newspaper.  At the conference she is surprised to see so many people studying mercury in fish.  She speaks with many of the people studying and starts to make more progress. 

She begins to take steps to get tuna labeled as having mercury.  She finds opposition from the tuna industry.  She works with medical societies. She begins to make more progress in increasing the amount of people that know about mercury in fish.  This is some of what the first half of the book discusses and is a good read for anyone looking to learn more about mercury sickness from fish.  The second part of this book will be written about soon.