Mercury Levels in Fish

A common source of protein and fats for people who combine their fitness routines with a healthy diet are usually taken from fish due to their essential nutritional elements like omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein.
However, due to the increasing amounts of mercury being found in many kinds of fish, it becomes a question of whether the benefits of nutrition gained from fish outweigh the harms of mercury poisoning contained in them. It becomes more and more difficult to make the right choice when some of our most nutritional foods continue to rise in toxicity.
Do all fish contain toxic mercury? Does this mean that we should avoid consuming fish at all costs and find nutrients from something else?
Well, yes and no. While nearly all fish contain traces of mercury, there is still room to consume a recommended amount (12 ounces/2 meals per week) of fish that contain smaller amounts of mercury in them.

Below is an infographic that displays the different types of fish and the amount of mercury found in an average specimen which can help you decipher the better option when it comes to consuming fish.