How to have your fish and eat it too.

With all this information flying around about mercury and toxicity levels in fish and shellfish, how do we know what type to eat for their healthy omega-3's and nutrients and what to avoid? This information isn't put on the labels of canned tuna or fillets of salmon at the grocery store.
Stay informed when shopping and eating with this list of the healthiest fish to eat while taking in the least amount of mercury:

1. Tilapia
     A fish with many uses in the kitchen, tilapia can be introduced to a wide variety of recipes. Having one of the lowest levels of mercury, this fish is very safe to consume. Try out a few of these tasty recipes from and enjoy a great seafood dinner while staying healthy.
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2. (Wild Caught) Alaskan Salmon
     Alaska has very strict guidelines for their salmon fisheries, giving their fish optimum levels of nutrients and low mercury toxicity. As a staple in many diets, it would be a shame to lose such a delicious option when their is definitely room to enjoy it in moderation. For a list of recipes, check out EcoFish, dedicated to sustainable and healthy seafood, fisheries, and marine conservation.

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3. Catfish
     A large influence in southern cooking, this fish is a delicious option for trying new recipes. It has a very low mercury toxicity level so it perfectly safe to consume in a normal diet, and in moderation for pregnant women and young children. Flatten it out to try a po-boy sandwich or bake a fillet for a flaky and filling dinner. For a list of recipes to try, visit
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4. Haddock
     One of the most commonly used fish, haddock can be sold smoked, frozen, fresh, dried, and even canned. A very popular choice for fish and chips in Britain, and a staple ingredient in several multicultural dishes, haddock is a great choice for enjoying a seafood meal without the threat of high mercury toxicity. has a wide variety of recipes to try, the options are limitless!
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5. Crab
     We can't ignore the shellfish! While all life in the ocean is in danger of chemical toxins, crab is among the lucky few that have very low levels of mercury toxicity along with their non-fish friends clams, oysters, and shrimp. Take a few tips from for some tasty recipes and tricks!
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