Last night I went to the Cheesecake Factory with my family who is in town from Ohio and California. We hadn't had the whole family together since my brother got married 4 years ago. We got a huge table with 18 chairs, and 3 high chairs. The family rarely gets together, so when we are all together it's important that it is documented by pictures. Our server was a very nice, young man. He heard us talk about wanting to get a picture taken of all of us at the table. Every chance we got to ask him, he would quickly walk away before we were able to express it.

Finally after our whole meal was done, and our table was pretty much cleared up, we were finally able to get his attention. We asked him if he could take a minute and take a picture of all of us with our phone. His response shocked all of us.

He told us that he refuses to touch a cell phones or take pictures because they radioactive, and he believes that it causes a lot of mental diseases. It really made me think! Just thought I would share this:)