Life and Struggles

The other morning, I got woken up by a very loud and screeching scream of a one year old. Clearly, something is wrong because it isn't the normal "I'm upset and need food, or change my poopy diaper" tone of scream parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc. are using to hearing. My nephew is in town from Ohio, and he stayed the night with me last night. I woke up instantly from the scream and nothing seemed to work or help in that, I felt like nothing was going to make him better. I tried very hard to do whatever possible and it seemed as though something was hurting him, or causing him a great deal of pain. He's usually a tough little guy, so seeing him break down wasn't fun. This carried on for what seemed like hours, and I couldn't get a hold of either of his parents.

I tried to give him a bath and make him relax in my arms. Nothing worked! I didn't have any of his insurance cards or even know who his insurance provider may be, so I didn't take him to the doctor or  emergency room, just yet. I took him to the store with me to pick up some juice and soup. I thought maybe he had a tummy ache or something along those lines. He fell asleep in the car, but continued to be somewhat fussy and just wasn't having a good time. I felt bad, and didn't know what I was really doing. I'm not a mother, so those natural "mommy instincts" don't really come all that natural to me.

A few hours later, I got a call from his mom and she told me to take him to a near by clinic by my house. While still bawling his little sad eyes out, I took him in my arms and we left. Once we got there and got checked out, he threw up all over the doctors scrubs. I was starting to get extremely worried at that point. He asked me to trace back to what he had to eat in the last 24 hours, and I told him everything. We realized after a long time, that he is severely allergic to peanuts because the day prior we had got some take out from a local Chinese restaurant and there was some peanuts in the noodles, and he just ate them. After he threw up, he seemed to be much better. It seemed as though, it just needed to get out of his system.

Through it all, I felt extremely helpless, I didn't know how to make him stop crying, or even how to help. I had read the previous blog about the mercury toxins, and I kept thinking of it when I was handling all this. We rarely realize the toxins we put into our bodies when we are intaking them. These toxins are so dangerous for our bodies. Our bodies can sometimes, fight them off and we can be okay again, but for babies, they are helpless. It's so important to me now, after experiencing this that I read exactly what is in the food that I intake, and to ask what people are putting in this food.