Your Cell Phone is Radioactive!

When cell phones came out, I always heard people saying not to put them up to your head for too long, it’ll fry your brain.  Funny thing is, I don’t think that is too far off from being correct.  Radioactivity has been detected in rare earth metals and traces have been found in the mines, the waste deposits, and yes, in your electronics.  My questions however, if putting these phones next to your head is so bad, why is carrying them in your pocket for hours upon hours at a time never a concern to people?  Of all the places I could have radioactive issues, I don’t think down where my pockets are is the place that I want that.

Now this isn’t going to make you want to go out and recycle your phones or get rid of them in any fashion, but I do think it might be important to think about how we carry our electronics on our person.  For those of you who don’t know, cell phones can cause cancer! And in many cases they have.  So a little advice:

If you’re a female who just happens to be wearing pants without pockets on a certain day, which there is no problem with that, think twice before stuffing your phone down your bra.  Breast cancer is a big enough problem right now that I don’t think there needs to be any added reason why it might occur.  Maybe stuff your phone in your purse instead?  I know, how are you going to get notified about the newest Facebook status, or how are you going to know when your friends reply to your oh so important texts?  I get it, I along with the majority of people have an addiction to my cell phone as well.  But maybe turning up the volume might be a good idea?

There’s a new slogan! Turn up the volume, turn down the radiation!

This goes for guys as well.  No, I do not recommend wearing a man-purse or whatever they’re called, but maybe when you sit down somewhere, take it out of your pocket and lay it next to you instead.  Cut down on the time it’s pressed right up against your body.

Food for thought.