Why do we need to update?

One of the big issues with rare earth metals is the fact that people do not recycle them.  Instead, we go out and buy the newest iPhone and do god knows what with the old one.  But what is the reason we update so much?  Sure, the next iPhone might have a bigger screen or maybe have another cool feature that is advertised really well but we all know you’re only going to use the thing for texting and keeping updated on the latest social media.  This is not in any way good for companies, but if we just kept the model we had and let that last us until a few more updates came out instead of buying the very next model, not only could we save money, but we could help...what’s that? Yes! Save the earth!

This seems a good compromise anyway.  If you wait for a few updates to pass you by, you can 1) not worry about all the inevitable bugs and issues that come with your new piece of technology 2) actually save some money and 3) help cut back on the demand for these rare earth metals that are causing so many issues in the world right now.

So next time you go out and decide that you need the new, curvy iPhone, think again at how ridiculous it is to need something you actually already have!