Facts About Tech, and Waste

We waste technology, this is a fact. For the last 30 years, every time we get a new computer or something in the like, it gets sent to a landfill or incinerator. And because there are several rare metals, they produce certain gases that are toxic to humans. An extremely interesting fact about cell phones is surprising, as "For every 1 million cell phones that are recycled, 35,274 lbs of copper, 772 lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold, and 33 lbs of palladium can be recovered". That is an extraordinary about of just precious metals, let alone the rare ones that are put in them. Computers are significantly larger, so balance the amounts out.

It's up to us to come together and put an end to this waste. If there is that much of each precious metal inside phones, and how many phones one person goes through, we can extract these metals and put some extra cash in our pockets.