Earning While E-Cycling

A survey conducted by ABI Research in 2010 found that 98 percent of people with used cell phones said that they would only recycle if they were given a financial incentive. That resistance has probably decreased somewhat today, but let's face it - we can all use a little extra cash - and here's how to make some, while at the same time, recycling your E-waste.  If you'd like cash in exchange for your used laptops, cell phones and tablets, you can sell them online. How much money you earn depends largely on how much time and effort you're willing to put into it.

Selling items yourself on sites like Craigslist, eBay or Amazon can get the best prices but it's also the most time consuming, and you also take on the risk of dealing with problem buyers. There are a number of websites that buy cellphones, tablets and laptops and they will provide you with a quick estimate of what your equipment is worth.  New companies spring up every day, but three companies that have been around for awhile with reasonable ratings are Gazelle, Nextworth, and Usell. Their prices seem to vary widely from one model of cell phone to another, so be careful to compare your cell phone on each one. All offer free shipping. To get a quick estimate: https://www.gazelle.com/sell/cell-phone             http://www.nextworth.com/ http://www.usell.com/sell/cell-phone/ 
(Gazelle specializes in cell phones but Nextworth and Usell also buys iPads as well as cameras, e-readers, game consoles and other digital products)

If you have a laptop to sell you might try http://www.cashforlaptops.com/ or http://www.buymytronics.com/       
In Portland, CompRite advertises that they also buy old laptops and other electronics: http://www.comprite.com/sell-used-computer.html 

All of the above companies refurbish and resell these electronics. This has a two fold benefit. First you have effectively recycled you E-waste by keeping it in circulation. Secondly, someone else has effectively avoided the consumer upgrade trap by not buying new, and has thereby helped in lowering the demand for new rare earth elements. This is a win-win for both parties.

Buy-back kiosks are also popping up across the U.S. One company, EcoATM examines your device and offers a price based on its condition. If you decide to sell it, you'll drop in your device and receive cash immediately. You can search for the nearest EcoATM on the company's website. http://www.ecoatm.com/ Many of the major electronic retailers have trade-in programs that offer credit toward a purchase. For example, Apple has a "Reuse and Recycling" program that offers Apple Store credit for your old Apple iPads and iPhones. Best Buy and other stores also have trade-in programs. 

It is important that we understand the destruction that rare earth mining and processing is doing to our environment. Rare Earth Mining and processing has created deadly contaminants, polluted water sources and affected wildlife, farm animals and people. In extreme cases whole villages have needed to be relocated as concentrated large incidents of cancers and other deadly diseases have occurred. Possible destruction of our oceans and food chain looms just over the horizon in the non-stop quest for more and more rare earths. We must act now to limit the impact on our environment by reducing our consumption of rare earth elements and metals. By selling our electronics, and letting someone else buy refurbished electronics, we help reduce the demand for new rare earths, and put a little cash in our pockets at the same time. Please tell your friends, family members, and neighbors about these sites and the options available to make some extra cash while lowering the demand for Rare Earths. Please do it now - you can even earn a referral fee while doing good.