Want to impress your boss?  At the next department meeting suggest having an e-cycling event!  This is a great opportunity for businesses to get rid of all the unwanted electronics in an environmentally friendly way.  For a small fee, most e-cycling companies are more than happy to come out to your site.  You can recycle anything from computers, monitors (CRT, LCD), printers, laptops, televisions and so much more (see list below for more examples).  Most offices have paper, cardboard, plastic and can recycling options.  It’s not very practical to have a receptacle for unused electronics nor do most places have that kind of volume to justify having one.

The great thing about electronic cycling companies is that they not only will pick up the waste for you, but they will handle all your data destruction needs.  No need to worry about confidential information getting into the wrong hands.  When the waste arrives back to the recycling facility, it is under lock and key during the entire process.  Security is a priority for most of the e-cycling companies when working with corporate offices.  This may be an important piece to mention when presenting your case for an e-cycling event.  E-cycling companies will pickup from businesses, schools, churches and event non-profit organizations.  Most of them will come out for around a flat rate of $35.

Not only are you being eco-conscious by e-cycling, but you’re also saving your company valuable storage space.  Purging old equipment can open yield new spaces for more efficient opportunities.  The first part of organizing is sorting out all the things you don’t need from the essentials.  You might be surprised by how much waste is currently in your office until you finally go through it all!

Accepted Items for E-Cycling:

Monitors (CRT, LCD)
Printers / Scanners
Fax / Copy
Ink Cartridges
Keyboards / Mice
Servers /Routers /Hubs
Networking Devices
Communications Equipment
VCRs, DVD players
Stereos & Audio Components
Returned/Unwanted Product
Cell phones / Telephones
PDAs, Handheld Games
Misc. Electronics
Misc. Office Machines
Washers / Dryers

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