Avoid Early Adopting: A Practical Approach To Preserve Rare Earth Metals

Technology is becoming an ever increasing part of people's lives. And every time a new model of something like a phone, or iPod, or computer gets released, the old models get thrown out. Why? We are living in an age where "newer is better". How wrong this is. Inside our tech are rare earth metals that surprisingly are needed in order for these objects to exist. And since people are horribly wasteful, all these rare metals are sent to landfills when they upgrade their objects. Now, instead of trying to go for the grand approach, here's a small one that should help with this wasteful problem. Instead of being an early adopter of new tech, wait. Does your new phone need an extra Gig, or does that iPod/Pad add anything really to what your old one can do? If it's not broke, don't fix it. Keep your old tech for as long as you can. Then, once it has reached the end of its life cycle, then you can get a new one. Also, you can save so much money by not being an early adopter. New phones can cost anywhere around several hundred dollars. New iPod/Pads can cost between $400-$500. The price of preserving these rare metals equals to how much money stays in your own pocket.


Cost of iPads

Cost of phones