Alternatives to RRE's

"Green" power sources are becoming more and more popular. Various companies are looking towards solar power, electricity, and wind power, rather than crude oil (such as hybrid/electric cars). The problem with this is that these alternative energy sources use Rare Earth Metals. It seems like we are solving one problem, but creating another problem in the process.

Is there any hope to solve our need for energy?

According to the Futurium website, scientists are in the process of developing alternatives to RRE's. The company, LumiSands, has created a material that reduces the blue light that emits from LED's that has no rare earth metals. It is made out of silicon (

This is a small victory in the search to become less dependent on rare earth metals. While the problem may not be solved soon, our mission to spread the idea of recycling is a great way to reduce the amount of rare earth metals mined while others find alternatives.