The Eight Species of Pangolins

There are eight species of pangolins in the world. Four species live in Asia and the other four live in Africa. The Asian species of pangolins are the Chinese pangolin, Sunda pangolin, Indian pangolin and the Philippine pangolin. These four Asian species are the most endangered of the eight. The Chinese and Sunda pangolins are labeled critically endangered and the Indian and Philippine pangolins are not too far behind labeled endangered ( The other four species live in Africa are the cape or Temminck’s ground pangolin, white bellied or tree pangolin, the giant ground pangolin and the black-bellied or long tailed pangolin. A few weeks ago African pangolins were labeled “least concern” now recently updated to vulnerable on the red list (The Guardian).  Why the sudden change one may ask? The poaching that happens in Asia for pangolins has expanded into Africa do to the high demand of scales, meat, and medicine that pangolins are known for. The trade between Africa and Asia for the endangered species is increasing (national geographic) and with that the population of African pangolins is decreasing moving them farther up on the endangered species list. Soon there will be no beautiful pangolins left which is all the more reason to put an end to poaching pangolins.

Asian Pangolins have small thick hairs that emerge between there scales and African pangolins do not. (National Geographic).