Pangolins As A Delicacy

The endangered pangolin is known as a delicacy in Asia and Africa. You won’t find pangolin served in just any restaurant, but this mammal is usually found in a “high class” restaurant. These restaurants buy pangolins off of the black market because that is the only place that one can buy pangolins. Pangolins have to be purchased through this matter because they are endangered and are illegal to buy and/or sell.
If one was fortunate enough, or let’s say unfortunate enough, to find a restaurant that serves pangolin, it is extremely expensive. Pangolin delicacies range anywhere from $1,750 to $7,000. When ordering a pangolin in a restaurant one must order the entire pangolin because this is a way that the restaurant shows true quality of the endangered species. Restaurants are even known to trophy the pangolin on your table alive and kill it right there in front of you. They do this for the reassurance that this is actual pangolin meat and that whoever ordered the pangolin isn’t receiving a knock-off. 
Restaurants serve pangolin in many different ways. Pangolin blood is a delicacy along with their meat and scales. Pangolin blood is usually served with wine. Stir-fried pangolin skin with onions and mushrooms along with grilled pangolin are also very popular dishes. Pangolins have been described as “better than chicken” and “delicious.” These reports are hard to believe. How could one really enjoy eating an endangered species at a restaurant? There has to be a place in everyone’s thoughts that see’s the important and severity of this issue. Pangolins are endangered. They will continue to be endangered until they are all gone and the plates at restaurants are empty. This is unless people start taking the matter seriously and protect pangolins in their natural habitats.