Pangolin _ Save Pangolins

While pangolins are the most heavily trafficked animals on the world but they don’t receive the attention as big cats (lions, tigers, leopards, etc.) or elephant or bear.  Also, the pangolins weren’t known by everyone and they are easy to mess up with another anteater, aardvarks or moles.The most important reason is that they are not popular. Second reason is that the organizations don’t have enough fun to expend their work. Governments in Southeast Asia and China have been slow to crack down on the illegal trade.
The time for action is now or it’s too late to do anything to save the most amazing animal, pangolin.
The easiest thing we can do is support organizations that help and save pangolins. When we travel to Southeast Asia or China, we shouldn't east or buy pangolins' products and report those actions to polices. This is some of the organizations.
- SavePangolins

Second action is that demand better law enforcement in China and Southeast Asia. People can sign up to make these governments pay more attention on the pangolins.
Most important action is that helps change people’s minds by make pangolins popular. The easy way is that people can use the internet, social network to share the information, news, pictures about pangolins. So their friends and families can know who they are and what happen to those amazing pangolin and share them. Some other way is that we can suggest movie companies can create movie or cartoon about the pangolin. The most famous Japanese anime and game is known as Pok√©mon that have two animal characters were designed based on the pangolin, Sandshrew and Sandslash.

Sandshrew and Sandslash
They aren’t succeeded to make pangolin popular but some other American cartoon movie can do it. Let’s them become more popular and famous such as Mickey Mouse (The Walt Disney) or Minion (Universal Studios) and give them name.

Pangolin with baby