Pangolin_ Hunter/Hunted

Hunter _ Pangolins are carnivorous animals and their diet is fairly simple and straightforward. They are incredible ants and termites hunters. Also, larvae and a few other insects are their meals too. Their bodies have specially design to achieve high efficiency in hunt termites. They have great sense of smell for sniffing out these insects underground and their powerful front claws are perfect tool for breaking into termite colonies and scratching the surface for ant colonies. They don’t need teeth because they can use their long pink tongues to probe deep into along the termite channels. Moreover, their chests have glands to lubricate the incredible sticky and ant catching saliva long tongues. Their eyes have specially designed to protect and keep termites out while they are eating. Some pangolins that live in tree can use their amazing tail to strip away bark from the trunk to exposing insect nests inside. According to the U.S. National Park Service, it’s lucky that termites and ants still exists while one pangolin can eat 200 thousands termites per days (about 70 million per year). Without pangolin, the number of ants and termites will be fast increase and harm environment as well as human such as farming.

Hunted _ In the wild, large cat species, such as lions, leopards, tigers, and hyenas, are mainly predators that consume pangolins. However, pangolins’ self-defense is extremely strong due to their ability to roll into ball with their scales. On the other hand, a big wild dog is not biggest predator but humans. In Chinese Traditional Medicine, pangolins’ scales and body parts are believed to help a range of illnesses but there is no scientific evidence to prove it. Their meat is like chicken and their scales is like human's nail. The world and many governments urged to stop hunting and eating pangolins, and commercial trade is banned. Human is driving pangolins toward extinction with nonsense reason, so please stop eating and using pangolin.