Toxic chemical plant disasters!

With all of our focus on toxic chemicals in clothing, I have completely forgotten about the possibility of disaster within the United States.  As our blog and website note, these toxins not only pose a threat to humans when wearing the garments, but also damage the environment during production.  While these things are absolutely horrible, I think it’s also important for us to look into another possible danger – chemical factory catastrophes.  
The problem with issues of this nature is that we have a tendency to believe they are a rarity.  Well, within the last three years are Texas, Louisiana and the most recent fertilizer plant explosion, also in Texas.  It’s important that we bear in mind the fact that many of us are well within range of factories, as shown clearly on Greenpeace’s webpage regarding this topic.  To narrow it down even more, check this map and enter your zip code to find the factories in your area.  Don’t panic or start packing your belongings to move, begin by taking action to prevent additional disasters from happening.
Thankfully, Greenpeace has put together an online petition that you can visit, enter your information and send it off.  This is a realistic campaign, which seeks a mandate ensuring chemical plants will choose safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.