Sustainable Cotton

Twenty of the world's most popular brands were all found to contain harmful chemical in a recent study. The clothing tested was mostly manufactured in third world provinces and contained dangerous chemicals that are purposefully added to the merchandise or left over as residues of the manufacturing process. 
Some popular clothing brands that are jumping into the organic world is H&M, with organic cotton and Nike is now offering 100% organic tees and hoodies and is aiming to use 5% organic cotton in all its products. Organic cotton seems to be a popular trend amongst these brands, grown from non-genetically modified plants and without use of synthetic chemicals. .
The Sustainable Cotton Project has partnered with farmers in order to aid their transition to organic farming and has launched the Cleaner Cotton project, which promises to produce cotton with 73% less use of chemicals. Something to think about...if leading fashion brands begin to go organic/toxic-free, could it create a domino effect on other retailers?
H&M organic clothing items