One Step Closer

Countless individuals around the world begin their day by getting dressed before they leave their homes. What people don't know is what they are putting on their bodies and feet. Toxins in clothing have become a topic of interest as our society continues to witness the effects from toxins on an individual level as well as the impacts toxins have on the environment. 

Clothing and shoes continue to be produced with hazardous toxins. Continuing my research on toxins in clothing products, I have discovered another popular item that contributes to individual's health and poor environmental conditions. Between 80-85 percent of leather shoes are processed using chromium. Leather shoes are soaked in chemicals prior to being worn and can be hazardous throughout the shoe’s life cycle. 

Inspiration Green displays a study of 21 brand named shoes that are manufactured in various countries. The study provides a clear picture of the different types of metals and compounds used to produce shoes.

This webiste provides additional information for viewers who are interested in buying or selling clothing. These connections allow many individuals to re-use, re-cycle, and produce organic products.