Clothing Make All of Us Fashion Victims

Toxic Chemicals in Clothing Make All of Us Fashion Victims

In many countries, lax policies give sellers of international brands a freedom in using dangerous chemicals to dye and process the clothes.

A lot of these toxic chemicals are illegal to use in the United States and Europe; however, sooner or later they end up in waterways and wardrobes across the globe.

Calvin Klein, Levi's and Zara are one of the 20 brands whose clothing we tested. Each one of them was exposed to have drops of dangerous chemicals in at least one of their clothing items.

The worst of the chemicals included toxic phthalates and cancer-causing amines from the use of certain azo dyes.

These chemicals can be passed into the environment where clothes are made, affecting rivers and waterways that local communities often depend upon for their livings.

Also chemicals can be unconfined by people living far away, who unintentionally poison their local water supplies when they do their laundry.

As a result, these risky chemicals act like important fashion trends, which travel far and wide throughout the world and affecting people across the globe.