Clothing Dermatitis and Clothing-Related Skin Conditions

Dermatitis in relation to clothing has been taken into consideration within the paper. Textile fiber, contaminated clothing, natural fiber etc. are some of the prominent terms used within the paper. All of the fibers have the ability to cause irritation and allergies, fabrics can cause irritant and allergic contact dermatitis even though the allergic contact dermatitis happens to be quite rare. Skin reaction mostly happens to be existing where the clothes fit snugly and happens to be residing within the worse areas of friction and perspiration.
The paper discusses various examples of dermatitis and the causes as well as implications of it. One example is dermatitis on the hands which is caused by the use of the latex gloves. The reaction can be an irritant contact of the dermatitis from the occlusion of the skin by the gloves as well as because of the constant and continuous exposure to the irritant effects of the hands.
Then the discussion goes to the aspect of contaminated clothing which can ultimately cause skin rashes, the clothing can be contaminated with oils, greases, pitch, coal tar etc. friction from the clothing can be caused by a condition called intertrigo.
The paper presents the conclusion that signifies that dermatitis caused from clothes can sometimes be obvious to detect but many a times its detection is quote hard. Cause of dermatitis can be figured out significantly by the knowledge of the physical exposure factors as well as the working environments. The extra work involved in correctly diagnosing the problem could result in a satisfactory resolution of a significant problem for a worker. 
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